Monday, January 17, 2011

2012 MFA Rankings: Selectivity (Doctoral)

2012 Top 10 Most Selective Doctoral Programs

1. University of Southern California (2.00%) [4/200]

2. University of Nevada at Las Vegas (2.11%) [2/95]

3. University of Illinois at Chicago (2.59%) [7/270] 2009

4. Florida State University (3.78%) [17/450] 2011

5. State University of New York at Albany (3.85%) [5/130] 2011 

6. University of Houston (5.14%) [18/350] 2011 *

7. University of Denver (6.00%) [12/200] 2011

8. University of Wisconsin-Madison (6.57%) [23/350] 2010 **

9. Texas Tech University (8.00%) [4/50] 2011

10. University of Nebraska at Lincoln (10.42%) [5/48] fiction only

Bubbling Under: #11 University of Cincinnati (11.11%) [3/27] fiction only; #12 University of Kansas (12.31%) [8/65] 2009.

* = Includes data for both the MFA and Ph.D. programs in creative writing at this University.

** = Includes data for Literary Studies program only (the Literary Studies program at University of Wisconsin-Madison offers an Internal Minor in Creative Writing).


  1. Do you have acceptance rates for all (or some) of the other PhD in Creative Writing programs (for those below the top 12)? Also, what program has the highest acceptance rate?


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