Friday, July 22, 2011

2012 MFA Rankings: Creative Writing PhD Programs

{NB: As there are only 31 creative writing doctoral programs in the United States, and as the largest reported annual applicant pool for any one of these is 200--with the second-largest being under 170--the total number of applicants to such programs annually is undoubtedly in the hundreds rather than the thousands. For this reason, what might seem like a small polling "N" (were it to be used for Master of Fine Arts programs) is actually not insignificant, and would represent a substantial percentage of each year's creative writing doctoral program applicant cohort.}

2012 Top 15 Creative Writing PhD Programs

(with votes in parentheses)

1. University of Denver (64)

2. Florida State University (59)

3. Ohio University (52)

4t. University of Houston (48)

4t. University of Utah (48)

6t. University of Illinois at Chicago (44)

6t. University of Southern California (44)

8t. University of Cincinnati (40)

8t. University of Missouri (40)

10. University of Nebraska at Lincoln (34)

11. University of Georgia (32)

12t. Texas Tech University (29)

12t. Western Michigan University (29)

14. University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee (25)

15t. Georgia State University (22)

15t. University of Tennessee (22)

Programs Bubbling Under: #17 State University of New York at Albany; #18t Binghamton University; #18t University of Louisiana at Lafayette; #20 University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

[N = 145; from polling between 4.16.07 and 4.15.11].